Things We Would Like to See in Slots Games

As of right now, slots games are great fun to play and deliver a really engaging experience to the players. However, there’s no doubting the fact that there is always room for improvement and in this article we’ll be talking about a few features that we would like to see implemented in slots games. Things We Would Like to See in Slots Games large

The amount of slot machine a slots game has is often a good way to gauge how good of a game it is and as of right now there aren’t many slots games out there that offer a significant variety of machines to choose from. Almost all the modern-day slots games at most have ten different machines to choose from which isn’t necessarily that low of an amount but it’s still not good enough if a game wants to thrive. So, one thing that we’d definitely like to see in slots games is a massive variety of unique machines to play on.

Some social features would definitely improve any slots game tremendously. Most slots games nowadays are focused purely on single-player gameplay and they pay pretty much no attention towards the social aspect even though most of the time they’re on a platform that supports it quite well for example Facebook. Slots games should definitely take advantage of these social platforms to deliver a more immersive experience in which players are allowed to interact with each other in-game through various ways for example gifting and such.

Mini-games are nowadays an integral part of slots games because they add a lot of depth to these games. No matter how good a slots game gets, it’s still bound to feel repetitive once you’ve been playing it for a while because you’re basically doing the same thing over and over again when playing slots games. Mini-games offer a nice change of pace from the usual gameplay and allow players to earn some pretty serious winnings through various ways like solving puzzles, playing guessing games, and other things. The best part about mini-games is that most of them are completely free to play and don’t require you to bet any currency before you’re allowed to play them which makes them especially helpful in situations where you need a boost of coins.

Last but certainly not least, we would definitely love to see slots games that come with unique things. As it stands right now, most of the top tier slots games have a casino theme which isn’t really a bad thing but it’s rather repetitive seeing the same theme over and over again in every game. There have been a few unique settings out there like pirate-themed slots, horror-themed slots and various others but there need to be a lot more of these in order to keep the games fresh and entertaining.

All said and done, while the slots genre is in a pretty fine spot as of right now, the aforementioned changes will definitely take it to a new level.